About Us

SANKALP Belief and Team

SANKALP trusts in participatory approach to community development and has a team of professional for need assessment, proposal formation, creating partnerships, planning, data analysis, strategy formation, project execution, community mobilization, development of customized tools , project monitoring, and documentation.

The team SANKALP is amalgamation of professionals from disciplines of planning, architecture, engineering, human resource, social development, rural and urban governance, tourism development, health, and education, with profound experience of project formation, planning, execution, monitoring and research studies. Organization has worked in projects across the country and with local, state and national governments, funding agencies and corporate houses.

SANKALP executes the projects in professional, competent and dedicated manner to: improve the quality of life, develop the society through collaboration/Partnerships with government and non-government agencies, and give recognition to the people who contribute through their excellence achievements in various areas.

SANKALP has wide-ranging understanding in engaging with urban and rural communities, with a view to improve their access to basic infrastructure services of sanitation, education, health care, water supply, livelihoods, and social welfare.

Vision Statement

Sustainable development is significantly vital for giving a better life to the coming generation.

Mission Statement

The holistic development across environmental apprehensions, water and sanitation and socio-economic growth by creating an assessable, replicable, and people-centric model through networking, advocacy, capacity building, research and knowledge sharing to achieve self-sustainable development system.

Our Core Values
  • People are our wealth
  • Respect to natural resources
  • Scientific and sustainable approach
  • Everyone must enjoy the right to education
  • Economic reforms must benefit all
  • Ensure rule of law for justice to prevail
  • Responsibility, accountability, and transparency
  • Gender Sensitivity and equality
  • Healthy and scientific lifestyle
  • Commitment and dedication

Our Strengths
  • More than two decade of successful experience in working at grassroots level in the field of environmental and social development
  • Our devoted, enthusiastic and qualified team owns professional attitude and knowledge of related fields
  • Development of customized tools and strategies for the projects is our area of expertise
  • Data collection, compilation, analysis and reporting with dashboard
  • Incorporation of technologies with the execution such as working with GPS, real time monitoring, project progress through dashboards, etc
  • Environmental and social impact analysis for development projects
  • Internal trainings of project team
  • HR policy for enhancement of efficiency of staff and its management
  • Consider the social framework to reach the end beneficiary of the programme
  • Documentation as per the requirement of the client